Remember The Ease And Joy of Moving Your Body As A Child?

Learn the Secrets to Release Tension and Stress from Your Body and Mind, Raise Your Overall Energy, and Transform Stiffness, Aches and Pain into Flexibility, Flow, and Ease

Rediscover and integrate the childlike, joyful way of moving your body so that you can become aware of its sensations and messages and transform your body, relax your mind, and discover a whole new way of living, independent of your age.

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Deep inside you know you need to make some profound changes to stop the cycle of stress and anxiety that overshadows everything you do. You also want to create more health and well-being in your life. And you definitely feel you need to take up an exercise routine to keep your body fit. But the thought of adding still another task to your already full schedule is overwhelming. And which program is the right one for you anyway. 

In my more than 20 years of working with people I've met many men and women who knew that they needed to move their bodies in order to keep fit and healthy. Many had explored various programs and techniques to overcome their stress and anxiety, had tried to find ways to stop or at least slow down the process of feeling older, and had taken up some form of exercise, but weren't getting the results they were looking for. Because they weren't able to listen to the messages of their bodies, they often engaged in a fitness program or sports that was putting even more stress on their bodies or was detrimental to their joints and muscles, sometimes even causing serious injuries.

But what if I were to tell you it didn't have to be this way?


Imagine you meet someone who has been exactly where you are right now, but is now living a healthy, happy life. Someone who not only overcame nearly eight years of living with excruciating pain, years of depression and being totally out of touch with her body, but who also discovered the wisdom of her own body and how to make decisions from this place of ‘inner knowing.’ This person can guide you on your journey of reconnecting with your body so you can not only make better and wiser decisions for your body and in your life, but also heal and get fit in the way the body is designed to be used – without adding further stress to your life. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have someone in your life who could teach you how to become your own health and wellness expert?

"The body has infinite wisdom. Stored in your nervous system, in your fascia, muscles and bones is the capacity to be in connection with yourself, create lasting change, and heal your body, mind, emotions, and spirit."

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My name is Cornelia Merk, and in many ways, what I am teaching in this course reflects my own journey toward befriending my body and learning to love it after living with excruciating pain for nearly 8 years. Since my spontaneous remission in 1998 during a Nia workshop, I’ve been exploring my own body through a wide variety of approaches, most notably the Nia® Technique, the martial arts of Aikido and Tai Chi, the 5 Rhythms®, and Free Dance, while healing my body along the way. Over the years, my awareness has changed from focusing on the outside to looking for answers inside of me, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Once I became more and more aware of the resources I had in my own body for making judgments and decisions, I was able to choose myself and my body again and again, instead of relying on outside sources or authorities to tell me what to think, believe, feel, and do. I have realized that the path of self-awareness is a life-long process, and we all have to start somewhere. And one of the best ways to do so is by moving the body. By developing body awareness while exploring my own body, I moved into a place of greater ease with myself and with everything around me. And, more importantly, I discovered my own body’s wisdom, and the mental, emotional, and spiritual wisdom that comes out of it.

Would You Like to Use the Power of Self-Discovery, Self-Awareness, and Inner Knowing to Create Lasting Change in Your Body, Mind and in Your Life? If so, you're invited to join me:


Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn the Somato-Sensory Amplification System™, so you can, in just 90 days, easily release physical and mental tension and stress, raise your overall energy, and make healthier movement and lifestyle choices based on your body's innate wisdom.

Cornelia Nia 2

Conscious Movement Mastery™ is the doorway to personal growth, lasting change, and holistic health and healing through aligning your heart, mind, and emotions with the wisdom of your body.

One of the first steps on this journey is to learn how to reconnect to the sensations of your body so you can fulfill your body's needs and make healthier lifestyle choices. And the easiest way to do so is by moving your body. The practice of conscious movement is an essential path in gaining knowledge about your body, which in turn will allow you to access deep-seated emotions, release anxiety, and increase body awareness. As Carol Welch so aptly said: "Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states."

Embark on this empowering journey of self-discovery to greater health, more energy, as well as more joy and self-love in your life.

Here's What You'll Be Learning When You Join...

"I want to awaken the still, small, wise intuitive voice in all of us, that voice of our own body that we have been forced to ignore through our culture's illness, misinformation, and dysfunction."

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What others have to say...

My favorite part was how good my body felt after doing the exercises. It was energizing, stress-relieving and fun. I especially enjoyed the dance aspect of it. I am very much inspired to keep doing these very doable exercises with no excuse for lack of time, energy or motivation, and regardless of situation. In fact, I’ve discovered how they can quickly give me that reinvigoration in my whole body, mind, & spirit! And it has been ingrained in my mind to be more conscious of my body movements, as an aspect of my health.

~ Lisa Weeks

This inspired me to be and move differently and more joyously in the world for the rest of my days. It feels like a soft and doable goal that I’m excited to accept one day at a time. 

~ Andrea Gonicks

I liked the explanation videos as they were back to basics. Being aware of the habitual way of movement and changing it as per the body’s need is something that will help me in the long run.  Simple moves but used the whole body I became aware of the small muscles that help in stabilization. My biggest takeaway is just keep moving and now I would say – just keep moving with awareness. Enjoy the Joy of Movement. 

~ Aparna Yardi

Here is What You'll Receive...

Access to the Membership Site with the Orientation Module already released. Begin your journey by finding out your current state of health, movement capabilities, and your mental and emotional state is.

12 lessons within 5 Modules, delivered via videos over a 12-week period, plus PDFs, Journaling Prompts, and Dance Videos.

12 live 90-minute Zoom Calls in which I will teach certain aspects of each week's training and you can ask questions.

12-week Body Awareness Journal so you can keep track of your progress.

Access to the Private Facebook group. This group is the place where you will find support from the other participants in the program, where you will post your observations, homework assignments, and questions, and where you can support your fellow participants.

Unlimited Email Support during the 12 weeks. If you have a question between the live calls, simply send me an email and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

BONUS: Access to the videos of the 5-Day Challenge, "The Joy of Movement". These videos are the recordings of the 5-Day Challenge I hosted on Facebook in November 2020. These videos will be up before we start the program so you can already go through some of the basics that we are going to cover in the Conscious Movement Mastery™ online course.

Imagine ... in just 3 months from now, you can experience less stress, more energy, and an increased overall well-bing.

Only 20 Spots Available

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Plus 2 additional installments of $367
(or 1 payment of $997)

Use Discount Code FEB1SPECIAL 2021 to save 60% if you sign up by February 8th, 2021

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Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

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Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don't absolutely LOVE Conscious Movement Mastery™ - or don't feel that it meets your needs - please submit a refund request via email on or before February 8, 2021, and I will happily issue qualifying customers a refund. (To qualify for a refund, you have to fully participate in the course and complete all requested training assignments until then!)

From people who participated in the "The Joy of Movement" Challenge, a 5-Day introduction program to the Conscious Movement Mastery™ Course

Doing the body awareness, small movements was AMAZING. I know my body needs to move, and it is always the last thing on my too do list. I sit all day, every day at my computer. Closing my eyes, doing these movements was a challenge because is was not feeling stable. Moving in very small movements connected me with muscles I NEVER pay any attention too! Our bodies are miracles machines, and I have not been attentive. This immediately got me into realizing how I do not honor myself. I am grateful for this opportunity to take better care of myself – so I can continue to do what I love – serve OTHERS!

~ Ronny Aden

Felt so much more centered by the end, relaxed, rooted and my upper body (floating) up…I have a bent over tendency…so to have upper body rising up is a very freeing feeling. Joints moved more smoothly as we went along. Foot warmed up, more alive. Thank you Cornelia!!

~ Judy LaMar

Hi! It felt so good to move my body the way you instructed us in the video. I felt the energy moving from the ground upwards. The energy was spiraling up so my body started moving with it! I became so aware of my body and the sensations, moving that way it felt very comfortable… I really enjoyed it! 

~ Gabriela Rodriguez

Imagine what could happen if you...

In just 90 days from now, you'd be 'dancing through life' with more joy and ease, feeling younger, more mobile, and full of energy.
Free up your body, relax your mind, and open your heart in just 90 days!

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Plus 2 additional installments of $367
(or 1 payment of $997)

Use Discount Code FEB1SPECIAL 2021 to save 60% if you sign up by February 8th, 2021